Having written my first post, self-inspired curiosity got the better of me and I woke up the Atari ST to find out the origins of Doodle.Prg. (See the bottom bit of said post – in brackets – to understand this.)

Apparently its Version 1.1 of a March 1985 GEM Sample Application from Tom Rolander and Tim Oren, apparently of Digital Research, Inc. (Which is still around and has a really nice glossy website for anyone who wishes to see what came of the basic little drawing programme. Unfortunately the website doesn’t make it clear if these two pioneers of desktop computer software are still with DRI.) It also comes with a picture of a fish on the info board which particularly skilled users may be able to copy. It claims to have 16 colours (0 to F) but they all look mysteriously like black on my computer.

There we go – ancient history in a 3¼” square(ish) bit of plastic.

Nowadays I find Corel Photo-Paint to be of more use for my immediate purposes; Doodle has seen little use in the last decade.

And for anyone who is intrigued, an Atari ST looks something like this:

(The bug and the radio are more recent additions; the radio probably has more computing power than the Atari.)


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