Those who live by the sword…

Wikipedia has the following rather fun story on what is presumably currently one of its most popular pages:

Frederick Greenwood, editor of the Pall Mall Gazette, met in his club one day Lord Riddell, who died a few years ago, and in the course of conversation Riddell said to him, `You know, I own a paper.’ `Oh, do you?’ said Greenwood, ‘what is it?’ `It’s called the News of the World—I’ll send you a copy,’ replied Riddell, and in due course did so. Next time they met Riddell said, ‘Well Greenwood, what do you think of my paper?’ ‘I looked at it,’ replied Greenwood, ‘and then I put it in the waste-paper basket. And then I thought, “If I leave it there the cook may read it” —so I burned it!’

Apparently the original citation is J. W. Robertson Scott, The Story of the Pall Mall Gazette (1950), 417. (Any faith I had in Wikipedia’s citations was somewhat spoilt by the Wye Valley Railway’s page on that website, which cites me for a couple of facts where I say something rather different. Buy my book on the subject instead – when it comes out. But it’s not a bad bet that something according to that story can be found somewhere in that vicinity in the book and if not could someone please let me know.)

Given that the paper has been accused of hacking 7/7 survivors’ phones it is appropriate that its demise has been announced on the 6th anniversary.


Meanwhile, their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are being nice to people in Canada.  People being nice to people isn’t really unusual so it doesn’t get its own blogpost.


Finally, a little addendum to the previous post.


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