Happy Birthday!

The Order of the Bed is 12 today! Unfortunately I, as the Glorious Founder, was too busy organising stuff to stay in bed – in fact I’ve been rather too busy to stay in bed at all for a while, preferring to get up to catch the early train to Gunnislake, write long and uninteresting letters to employers and other such entertainments. However, if anyone is planning to protest about anything in the near future, I can wholly recommend staying in bed as a much more effective way to get positive attention than putting dustbins through other people’s windows.


A recent discussion with our columnist A Pratt on the uses of an article as to why fast food is better for the environment than a three-course meal featuring a roast and several options for vegetables turned to other matters, such as how to resolve the US debt crisis and what to do about the rioters. This simple two-stage plan emerged:

1) Revoke the US’s Declaration of Independence, thereby making their debt our debt (ok, that bit has its downsides);

2) Send all the rioters to the former United Colonies of North America as more cheap labour.

2½) If demanded, grant them independence again and contrive to leave them to swan off with the combined debt of the two nations.

Ok, two and a half stages. In any event, you probably shouldn’t be trusting board game designers to create foreign and macroeconomic policy.


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