A History of the British Railway

Sadly I haven’t time to condense it into a single blog post. (At least, not into a nice short blog post.)

Anyway, the lovely newly redesigned History of the British Railway, inspired by giggling about a few stories in a moment of boredom and now made into something posh, can be found at Page 76 of the Order of the Bed website.

The bit on closure pieces is due an update when I get round to finishing researching a second part.

Next update will either be the September Seasonal Area or the Walk of the Seven Lakes, which will be an awkward page because it doesn’t really fit in anywhere. I’ll have to establish a new section. Call it “Randomly interesting” and dump a few other odds and ends in there…


Most unusually, I’ve also given the Staying-in-bed Department a little update. Page 9  doesn’t normally warrant such things (I’ve always been a bit stumped for what Sleeping and Staying-in-bed – pages 8 and 9 – can say for themselves). It’s the picture at the bottom right. There are a few odd tweaks that happen occasionally to tidy things up.


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