Seasonal Area September 2011

It’s here! It’s a day early! I can spend tomorrow morning fulfilling one of my other commitments.

The other picture alluded to is a picture of Meldon Viaduct from the dam of the nearby Meldon Reservoir that got taken on a trip to Okehampton last year.  However, there have already been lots of railway allusions in Seasonal Area pictures this year (you’ll find references somewhere in all of them except for January) and so it seemed best to stick to the Dean. Had Meldon featured it would have been three paragraphs on the Withered Arm – the rail network, not the story, though they’re both tragedies; most of the railways die at the end.

I’ve also tweaked one of the History of the British Railway pages a bit with a typo correction and a different picture of a Sprinter near Calstock.  I’ve got a history of the Last of the Light Railways in the pipeline, but it requires a trip along the abandoned bit to Callington station to make it worthwhile and so isn’t going anywhere much at the moment – Callington being a pig for me to get to.

I had a thrilling trip to Gloucester yesterday. Someone got run over by an early-morning South Wales Mainline train, so everything east from Cardiff was cancelled (and most of the stuff west too, for no obvious reason). Three IC125 sets in Cardiff Central with their engines running makes for an impressive sight but doesn’t help me get to Gloucester. The departure boards were an interesting mix of “Cancelled” and “On time” since the Valley Lines network was running reliably. The identities of the chap involved and the train that killed him remain mysteries; I’m feeling a little sorry for the poor blighter despite him making my morning rather hellish.


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