Seasonal Area – October 2011

Is now online. A nice binary date for a classic balmy scene. (It should be emphasised that since the 1970s county reforms this scene has not been in England. The Celts have nice pubs too.)

Sorry for the lack of updates. Nothing much has been happening lately in the world of the Order, except for a trip to Exeter on the train which got disrupted. My rail journeys used to be so reliable.

I gather from my stats that I’ve had some visitors. Hello! You may be interested to hear, though you probably have already if you care, that the London Midland Class 172s which have been causing so much grief by not running are now entering traffic. The resultant massive cascade of obsolete rolling stock between less lucky parts of the nation’s railways can now get underway in earnest.

The Government is resolving the problem of bad publicity from ordering trains from the wrong people by going back to letting the operators decide that they want to buy new trains. Finally! At last! If nothing else it will kill the endless and expensive blame game over why nobody’s getting new trains which sometimes looks like it ought to be costing more than the trains would.

The downside of all this lovely warm weather is that my room, which faces south-west, overheats something rotten. Bring on winter…


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