Seasonal Area December 2011

Slightly early, by two hours or so, but hopefully this won’t offend anyone too much.

December 2011’s Seasonal Area page

This was actually written back in March, which means that the page has been redesigned twice to keep up to speed with my various alterations to the Seasonal Area page over the course of the year. I decided that I wanted this picture, so a page was written and put on ice.

It’s one of several slightly Christmassy pictures which I took last December. In that day’s collection we can also find Truro station looking like a Victorian station in winter (I love Truro station – rebuilt 1904 from the original smaller station with overall roof – it just evolves very slowly and keeps its steam-age feel, though not as much as when I first arrived there four years ago), Truro Cathedral from the railway viaduct wearing scaffolding round its centre tower like a muffler, the view of the Fowey Valley from the lovely warm train awaiting repairs to the points failure and Class 158 Express Sprinter sets at Bristol Temple Meads with little bags over their couplings to keep the snow out.

The month also saw a genuine White Christmas (I spent the afternoon on a family wander around Penarth), a rail strike on the Valley Lines (can’t remember what it was over, probably something about not working Sundays without a 3% rise to the hourly rate, but I have the picture of the display screen), Penrhos Lower Junction covered in snow (looking bleaker than ever) and finally a vast cloud of fog to hide the New Year from us until the last moment (allowing me to get some excellent pictures of bits of Cardiff Bay looking like a 1990’s horror film).

I may want to use some of these pictures again, so you’ll excuse me if I fail to add them here and instead  quote one of my pet quotes for which I cannot remember the attribution:

A picture is worth 1,000 words, but takes up 3,000 times the disk space.

And now back to whatever I should be doing at this time of night.



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