Seasonal Area January 2012

Happy New Year!

(Unless you’re not on the Gregorian Calendar. Julian Calendar followers have another 15 days or so to wait. Everyone else has calendars which I am unfamiliar with the implications of and so won’t comment on. Disclaimer over. Hello fellow law graduates.)

It being a new month, the Seasonal Area has been updated – this time with a picture from a rather nippy walk done at the beginning of last year between the rail stations at Crosskeys (Ebbw Vale line) and Lisvane and Thornhill (Rhymney Valley line). It started off well but began snowing about halfway up the Mynydd; it did clear up as we reached the bottom of the other side but remained cold and gloomy for the rest of the walk.

Meanwhile I have been reading various predictions for 2012 and would like to make the following ones for luck:

1) The Olympics will be held in London in 2012.

2) I will not be there.

3) None of my pet derelict railways – the Wye Valley, the Forest of Dean Central, the London and South Western line between Exeter and Plymouth and the Bere Alston to Callington branch – will be restored to their former full length before 31st December 2012.

I was interested to see that Steam World magazine has recently decided to court controversy by expressing a preference-based opinion – the opinion being that the line between Bere Alston and Callington was the country’s Best Branchline. Naturally I would rather have seen the Wye Valley line take that position. But I am very fond of what is now the Gunnislake branch – I have a picture of it on my wall – and am pleased that the editor has chosen the Last of the Light Railways to bestow the honour on rather than any of the usual suspects.


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