The Order of the Bed often seems to be good at sensing political moods. In 2010 we identified a key plank for the Tories if they wanted to succeed in Government:

From the March 2010 Seasonal Area page

The Tories, flushed with success at not winning an election outright for the fourth time in a row, duly rushed off, did nothing and have now lost overall control of Monmouthshire County Council.

Meanwhile Monmouth is complaining about a collapsing railway viaduct and its interminable traffic problems.

Perhaps a spot of investment in re-opening the railway would remedy the political (popularity), structural (viaduct decay), environmental (excess traffic), economic (awkward and unreliable transport) and social (bad links around the Wye) problems for Monmouth.


Meanwhile, with everyone for miles having called the London mayoral election for Boris, there is an enormous temptation to trot across the road and put a few pence on Ken before the polls get declared. However, the bookies seem to have shut and even at the current rate of declaring results it looks likely London will have found out who won before I find out how to use a bookie website.


As a note to make the Tories feel better on the council front, the councils being discussed yesterday seem to have been weighted a bit towards Labour ones – particularly since a load of them were in Wales. Meanwhile, I’m wondering if the Official Monster Raving Loony Party will be good enough to field a nice sensible Loony candidate for me to vote for at the next election.

Seasonal Area May 2012

It’s that time of the month again – the new Seasonal Area is here.

At the end of last year my anti-virus software offered me a free calendar. All I had to do was go to one of the many photo websites, upload 13 images (12 months and a cover) and head to the checkout with my discount code. It turned out I had to pay for postage and packing, but it was a decent calendar and it’s now hanging on the wall above my computer.

I have a habit with calendars of not turning them over in advance to see what next month’s picture is going to be and since I set this one up in December I’ve forgotten what pictures I picked out, except for the fact that I was intending on using different views for the Seasonal Area. Nothing doing. March and May have both ended up with the same picture online and on the calendar. (Looks a bit darker on the calendar though. If I’d known I’d have used one of the rock formations; the close-ups all ended up a little underexposed.)

Still, at least I evidently like those two images (or at least like them after I’ve struck out all the pictures of Class 153s, the Bodmin and Wenford Railway’s Greyhound, my friends and anything which doesn’t seem to be of very much once it’s been shrunk to the requisite size) since I’ve picked them out on two separate occasions. The June Seasonal Area image will be from the same day as the calendar but show a different scene (more or less).

(That may have been one of my long anecdotes which starts off on not much, goes nowhere and has little point.)

Meanwhile I have no idea whether the comment to this picture will encourage anyone else to visit Gunnislake, but after getting myself worked into the topic in order to write it I’ve probably answered my question as to what I’m doing on Bank Holiday Monday. That just leaves the Sunday to occupy…