Seasonal Area July 2012

The new Seasonal Area is online. Something seemed to have gone wrong with WordPress’s latest update or their compliance with EU laws on offshore cookies or something like that since it took three web browsers to do the simple task of changing the sidebar Seasonal Area link (Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari and Opera’s Opera). Having started this post on my usual browser it was a trifle awkward to add in the  link in the first line – transferring half-written web stuff between browsers is always fun. Apparently WordPress works on Safari. Presumably their developers all use Apple stuff. Alternatively my internet connection is awful, since by the time I’d finished all this typing the page worked – except for the “Publish” function, which timed out.

My level of social stereotyping immediately associates Apple with Media Studies students and the metropolitan elite, which is probably cruel.

This month’s image breaks my own laws on “variety” since it was taken on the same day as last year’s July image. Normally I try to avoid using the same trip twice, the same location twice (except for direct comparison purposes or on a general level as part of a series) or more than one railway scene per year. It was evidently a good walk (though I’m still avoiding the railway pictures). There’s an image from July 2009 which I keep plotting on using and then reject because, nice as it is, it slices the top three feet off the mountain which forms the subject of the image in a very bad bit of framing – another walk to retake it may have to be made one day. Unfortunately I don’t rush to do 300-mile round trips for walks to the top of very tall Welsh mountains to retake solitary photographs.

Depending on what I do this July, there may be some variety from the Tywyn area next year. Or maybe not.

Next month’s picture is down to a shortlist of two and will be from a new location not featured in Seasonal Area before. Oh the excitement….


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