Seasonal Area January 2013

The January Seasonal Area page has been online for some time, but it was felt to be imprudent to waste time remarking on this until we were well clear of all possible secondary dates for the Mayan end of the world.

It shows the Wye Valley above Lydbrook in a slightly gloomy scene, getting the Wye Valley its quota for pictures this year in the process. However, another one in April is not out of the question.


2012 was an interesting year on many levels, if only for the contrasts between the beginning and the end. For example, at the beginning the Olympics were being idly mocked and expected to flop and at the end they were seen as a national triumph. (The doomsayers are annoyingly refusing to transfer this optimism to the economy, the EU and High Speed 2.)

We also spent the beginning of the year looking at posters like this:

Reading Poster 1 JPG

And by the end of it were routinely looking at scenes like this:

Taunton Floods 1 JPG

Or, indeed, this:

Penhow 1 JPG

However, life largely rolls on in its usual manner, though apparently excess use of cars is going to result in more flooding like this. The picture thereby demonstrates how climate change is self-correcting – excess carbon causes excess rain, all the humans get washed away, humans therefore too busy stuck in their houses to produce carbon, no more carbon and so life returns to normal.