Seasonal Area May 2013

The Seasonal Area page for May 2013 is now online. The sunny picture proved to be in keeping with the May Bank Holiday – which duly threw up several dozen candidates for next year’s May Seasonal Area page – but unfortunately not with today’s weather.

So I’m sat indoors, writing stuff to pass the time of day while my Internet Service Provider takes up swimming. Currently it’s doing the crawl. Normally I make rude comments to slow computers about the potential of being replaced by an elderly Atari – except when it’s the Atari that’s just overloaded and fallen over, of course – but Atari didn’t make internet routers and I have no ambition to go through the fuss of amending my suitably eccentric telephonic arrangements.

So much for progress…

(Still, if I was addicted to the internet I now probably don’t count as that any more; it’s rapidly becoming far too much trouble.)