Seasonal Area July 2013

The Seasonal Area July 2013 page is online, featuring the Clifton Suspension Bridge. And to think I thought that day in 2012 was warm. It was still cool enough for a nine-mile walk.

Of course, in 2012 the rain had to respond to the Water Board’s challenge over drought conditions. As a result apparently we have nothing to worry about this year because the reservoirs are still full after last year.


The hot weather has of course led to many newspaper articles about working in heat and observing that while there is a minimum temperature for safe working there is no maximum temperature. This is perfectly sensible. Imagine if we did have a maximum safe working temperature. The bosses of MI6’s private information gatherers would find that every time they got the boiling oil heated up enough to justify the word “boiling” their staff walked out on the basis that the room containing the boiling oil was now too hot for safe working.

And then we wouldn’t be able to gather reliable information about people who don’t like us. After all, people tend not to panic and say what their interlocutor wants them to say when they’re waist-high in slightly lukewarm oil.


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