Seasonal Area September 2013

The campaign to get Seasonal Area update notes to appear on here is proceeding punctually. October’s page should be going up sometime this week; meanwhile September’s is still available for viewing here.

This years Annual Stupidly Long Walk failed to get into the Forest of Dean, which does leave a small hole in the picture archive for September next year. The picture may therefore, for the first time in a few years, not be of somewhere in the Forest of Dean.


Meanwhile the war on Syria is proceeding nicely – in so far as it looks very unlikely to happen. The press must be rather disappointed. After the Parliamentary vote against war the terrifying idea was that the UK should abandon any military pretensions because it would never be relevant again. At least one trade paper was delighted at this because it would mean much more cash being available for the paper’s pet projects.

In the event we’ve had one of those terrifying little moments, as with a former President of Iran blaming a severe bout of rioting on the BBC, when a distinct impression is given that Britain being irrelevant is a convenient storyline for a handful of newspaper editors, a few politicians and the US Government. Within days Obama was also promising a legislature vote on Syrian war which he was widely expected to lose. Now we have Assad offering to hand over his weapons stockpile, the UN Security Council agreeing on something (almost unprecedented) and a general sweet impression that war isn’t going to happen after all. The Islamic terrorists have got so desperate they’ve gone to Kenya instead.

And this is all because the Leader of the Opposition decided to be political. Imagine what would happen if the Prime Minister had an idea.

Imagine what the world would have been like now if Blair or Iain Duncan-Smith had gone against war in Iraq and Afghanistan too.

And whatever anyone says about defence systems based on the output of white flag factories, such factories do produce a much more flexible product than the average munitions factory. You can use white flags as sheets, togas, blankets, costumes for tacky ghost tours or the base for more colourful flags too. If you really have to go to war you can use them to bag up bricks before dropping them on the enemy. The bricks can be used for rebuilding the war-torn nation afterwards while the white flags will put in their way the means to surrender, resolving any issues of enemy combatants who would like to give up and go home but have no white flags to hand. Also constantly having white flags dropped on you may be mildly annoying. (Seeing as dropping bombs on the modern enemy combatant seems to mildly annoy them at best, we might as well save money on the deal.)


On a lighter note, I’m doing a spot of recycling. A strange compulsive habit to have something to do away from a computer screen involving creating imaginary worlds results in me littering any flat surface in the house with 1:76ish scale models of things. The latest bit of fun is converting a Daz laundry power box into a model engine shed. (The box is made of very thick card and handing it over to the council seemed to be something of a waste.)

I’d like to say “other laundry powder available” but unfortunately all the other brands I can think of at this hour come in sachets or plastic bottles, which are not nearly as suited to hacking apart with a craft knife into industrial buildings.