March 2014

The Seasonal Area page for March 2014 has been online for nearly a month now and should be ambling off into the depths of the archive shortly.

The absence of any updates on the blog about such things – and the fact that this post stinks of being an administrative filler to get something online this month – will hopefully be forgiven if I remark that March has been so jolly exciting that I can barely remember visiting Henley and taking the picture. In fact all-in-all life has been curiously chaotic since the February post about Dawlish.


In the middle of this chaotic phase of my life the Office of Rail Regulation has released the latest passenger usage figures for 2012-13. London Waterloo has naturally retained top dog spot by some remarkable margin.

Alongside this is a slightly dispiriting 7,000-user fall in the Cornwall station usage figures, although since 2012-13 includes all the Cowley Bridge flooding in November 2012 this should not really be too surprising.

A fuller scribble will follow if I get round to it.

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