Spot the Difference

The pictures in each of the two pairs below were taken a smidgen under 26 hours apart (top one first in each case) from trains approaching Didcot past its famous power station.

There are no prizes for winners, but there is nonetheless an opportunity for a bit of fun in playing Spot the Difference.

Pair 1

Didcot PS 1ADidcot PS 1B

Pair 2

Didcot PS 2ADidcot PS 2B

Of course, they’re not from exactly the same position – this is a hazard of taking pictures through the window of express trains.

Finally, a picture of the cooling towers from Didcot station, in the days when they were still in use (this picture being taken in June 2012).

Didcot 1

Users of Great Western services intending to alight at Didcot, or simply looking for landmarks to help them keep track of the passage of their journey, may wish to look for an alternative landscape feature.