Scottish Referendum

Interesting article, this:

The political parties don’t come out of it terribly well.

Partly at least one person practically accuses them of all being liars (or, at least, of coming across as such).

If anything it suggests that who actually governs is not terribly relevant to the modern Youth, who simply doesn’t want to be dictated to and wants to be able to travel around a bit – partly owing to a tendency to having relatives in far-away places.  This requires stability, an understanding of the world and some form of root to travel from and back to. Exactly who should be governing the land where this root is based becomes a combination of personal opinion and ability to reassure our young voyagers that there will be something to come back to at the end of it.

(Though credit to the Beeb for varying the origins of these people from just being the Central Belt. Points to anyone who can correctly describe the locations of Forres, Huntly, Wick, Morar and the Isle of Skye.)

Interestingly, the years of political dumbing-down have reduced the politics discussed to Education, Health and War, though there is some mention of culture and immigration.





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