And now, some News

In today’s leading news story, Man has 30-year-old computer that Works!


Anyone would think it was the only working computer from the 1980s.

This one works too, and it seems to have done more work than his has. Proof indeed that his parents were daft to buy an Apple when they could have bought an Atari instead.

Atari 15 JPG.jpg

(Regular readers may note that since 2015 the Atari has moved.)

Points are awarded for identifying what is being done on the Atari.

Atari 16 JPG Atari 17 JPG.jpg

Meanwhile I am off to see if I can track down the disk with the manuscript of Templars, Hospitallers & Teutonic Knights. (This book is available from all good second-hand bookshops – and remember, if you can’t track it down that means that nobody has sold their copy to a second-hand bookshop, so it must be worth having. Send the author a cheque for a very large sum of money, bearing in mind that you’ll be lucky to get it online for under $100, and ask to be put on the waiting list for the reprint.)