This blog is liable to cover the following topics on the grounds that they interest me:

  1. Ferroequinology
  2. Bad jokes
  3. Classical music
  4. Politics (occasionally)
  5. Computing (when I feel competent)
  6. Life

This blog was set up because various things – like finishing a law degree and looking for work – reminded me that I like doing this sort of thing and was blogging a few years back with some minor enjoyment.

I now have a job; a brief read of the blog and the comments should give you a good idea of which industry I work in and possibly which company I work for. Every effort will be made to avoid making it too obvious what exactly I do for a living, beyond the fact that you probably wouldn’t like me too much if I said. Any comments made about my industry are my own, not based on insider knowledge that I could only know from work (where I do have opinions based on work knowledge I will endeavour to brush over them) and should not reflect on my employer – whoever they are.

I grew up in South Wales, with roots all over the place and a degree from Cornwall. This will be reflected in the meandering nature of the topics covered and sudden bouts of interest in fields far away from anywhere that might be expected to be home. Having been raised entirely in beaten-up and forgotten areas of the provinces (at the time of writing the last time my area of birth was mentioned on the radio it was to the comment that “those places don’t sound like they exist”) I have a certain feeling of sorrow for the Metropolitan Elite, who have never experienced such joys as arriving at a railway station to find there isn’t a train for 90 minutes (bus? what’s a bus?), walking to work across two miles of snow-covered fields or recognising where the obscure shots of the BBC’s top flight programmes are filmed these days. This will come across in the blog rather frequently.

The Metropolitan Elite have my permission to feel sorry for me because I get lots of time to sit on unstaffed rural railway stations reading books and waiting for my train.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Mark Dinsdale September 26, 2017 / 15:30

    Hi a while ago you mentioned penryn twinned with Chernobyl, my daughter was bored and sad so we hatched a plan and altered the sign I’m quite proud

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