Labour Leadership

Well, that was a waste of a post-it note and some ink:

Labour Results

And it should be interesting too.

I’m not sure why I jotted the initials down in that order, but as may be guessed from the “2” and the “3” it was before the results began to be read out. It’s nice to see that Liz Kendall dropping out would have made such a difference.

As far as Corbyn’s┬áTory opponent in 2020 is concerned, it should be remembered Cameron won’t be there and that hardly anyone had heard of John Major in 1987. (Also, anyone panicking about the unstable situation in the Middle East can reflect that in 1935 it was a reasonable expectation that an election would take place in 1940.)

Fortunately I have already taken suitable precautions regarding this possible Labour leadership outcome.


On a different note, would the BBC please choloform the Radio 4 continuity announcer/ interviewer during the next Labour Party leadership announcement. I can then listen to it in peace and, indeed, hear the Liz Kendall result.

(Happily my maths is good enough to round off the other figures, add up 60+20+20 and then subtract as required.)